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Protect-a-Pak Device
Protect-a-Pak Spec
Protect-a-Pak Device
Protect-a-Pak Spec



All prices ex-VAT


Impact Indicators tell you when a sensitive product HAS BEEN SUBJECTED TO SHOCK THROUGH IMPACT. The indicators provide evidence of an incident occurring which may have resulted in damage to valuable stock, machinery or structure, alerting staff to check for damage. They also flag up incidences where operations have caused an impact, allowing improvements to be made in procedures and staff training to minimise incidents and damage in the future.


An Impact Indicator provides an irreversible signal when it has sustained an impact which exceeds its factory preset level from any direction.


An Impact Indicator consists of two sets of spring loaded steel balls nested within a rugged transparent housing. The springs are calibrated to withstand forces up to the g rating of the unit. If impacts greater than the rated value are imposed, at least one set of balls will be dislodged and drop into the transparent dome.


The OMNI-G and PROTECT-A-PAK Indicators TRIP WITH EQUAL ACCURACY AS A RESULT OF IMPACT FROM ANY DIRECTION when the mass of a ball is forced out of its socket. Since the two sets of balls and spring sets are at 90 degrees from each other, any excessive force will displace at least one of the balls. (Technical data available on request).

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